I’ve made hundreds of half-finished unpolished computer games… And then there’s these! Below are my top five* favorite games in order. You can also find all of my games here!

Click the image to play! They’re all HTML5 so you can just play them right here in your browser.

*May be greater than five if I happen to have a tie, Useless Pong will always remain at number 5.


Point-and-click mystery with dogs!

Made for Ludum Dare 37 with theme: One Room.

Playable in the browser or as a downloadable client.


5gdOjT.pngBug Samurai

Arcade style game to hit as many bugs as possible.

Made for WWU Spring 2016 Game Jam with theme: That’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

(Soon to be) featured at Living Computer Museum + Labs!

59sqjS.pngTuring Avenue

An attempted at a psychological thriller in 48 hours. Explore the virtual terrain in search of your best friend.

Made for WWU Fall 2016 Game Jam with the theme: Nothing can go wrong. OH NO IT ALL WENT WRONG.

I also wrote a blog post about this game here!

krill.pngKrill or Be Krilled

You’re a tiny krill that has to eat plankton to continue its progeny, or be eaten by salmon trying.

Made for Ludum Dare with themes: Growing and Two Buttons


P2roLw.pngUseless Pong

It’s… just Pong with a weird bug. There’s nothing special here.

A game made originally as a joke for this video.